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Diploma of Musical Theatre CRICOS 01600A

This course is designed for school leavers seeking industry entry training, to commence a career in Commercial Dance or Musical Theatre.

Classes have a high degree of practical training, rehearsal and performance across the disciplines of Jazz, Tap, Acting, Singing, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Acro and Industry Development subjects.

Credit for the completion of the Diploma may be banked for the student with the Queensland Studies Authority, may contribute to the issuance of a Queensland Certificate of Education, and may be credited toward an OP equivalent score: awarded by the Queensland Tertiary Application Centre, for students seeking higher education pathways.

Students are assessed through ongoing participation and development through each of the dance and performance streams, including rehearsal and performance participation in a number of in house and external performance events throughout the year.

The CUA50213Diploma of Dance is a prerequisite for students who wish to train to a higher level of skills through undertaking the 10508NAT Advanced Diploma of Art (musical Theatre and Commercial Dance) in their second year.

Entry requirements for this course include:

  • Competencies equivalent to completion of compulsory schooling in Australia (year 10)
  • Participation in an entrance audition
  • Medical certificate testifying the student is physically able to undertake requirements of the course


This specialisation is designed for students wishing to enter a career as a performer in the Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance area of the profession.

The units listed for the delivery of this qualification (in the table below) have been selected by ADPI as a consequence of its consultation with graduates, teachers, clients, agents and producers during recent consultation within the context of the accredited course 10508NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Art.

  • Refine performance techniques
  • Prepare for performances in a competitive environment
  • Refine musical theatre techniques
  • Maintain a high level of fitness for performance
  • Provide services on a freelance basis
  • Develop vocal techniques
  • Refine contemporary dance technique
  • Refine dance partnering techniques
  • Prepare for sustainable professional practice
  • Refine ballet technique
  • Incorporate anatomy and nutrition principles into skill
  • Perform complex jazz dance routines
  • Develop acting techniques for musical theatre
  • Develop singing techniques for musical theatre
  • Perform in a musical theatre ensemble
  • Extend musical theatre performance techniques to a professional level


After the sudden death of Rob Guest, OBE, in October 2008, and in recognition of his achievements in the musical theatre industry, ANZ and ANZ Trustees established a memorial fund in his honour to help emerging young performers in musical theatre. The ANZ Trustees Foundation: Rob Guest Endowment will be awarded each year to an emerging musical theatre performer selected by a panel of industry experts.


The Advanced Diploma qualifications have been structured to provide graduates with a range of entry pathways into a career in performing arts or further higher education/tertiary studies. These are dependent to some extent on students‟ chosen specialisation.

For example, students may wish to seek / audition for employment as:

  • a performer in a dance company, dance theatre, commercial entertainment venues, cruise ship, musical theatre productions, musical group, acting or other performance role/s in television, films;
  • production assistant / trainee in a theatre / ballet company
  • dancer /musical theatre part for special productions (eg Romeo & Juliet, Wizard of OZ, Phantom of the Opera, Oliver, 42nd Street, Chicago)
  • dancer / musical theatre parts in community productions, public events


Within the vocational education and training (VET) sector, nationally recognised qualifications are mutually recognised. That is, if a student exits with a Diploma qualification from ADPI P/L, moves interstate and wants to continue to work towards an Advanced Diploma, credit (or advanced standing) should be given for equivalent competencies already attained.

To enter into an undergraduate degree level course for higher education studies, students will need to contact the relevant university/ies and apply on an individual basis for credit and/or advanced standing.


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