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Advanced Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) CRICOS 01600A

This course is open to students seeking full time training to an advanced level of professional practice, skills and excellence.

It focuses on complex technique and development of solo work across the dance genres. Classes have a high degree of practical training, rehearsal and performance, across the disciplines of Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, Original Composition, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Dance History and Industry Development subjects.

Credit for the completion of the Advanced Diploma may be banked for the student with the Queensland Studies Authority, may contribute to the issuance of a Queensland Certificate of Education, and may be credited toward an OP equivalent score: awarded by the Queensland Tertiary Application Centre, for students seeking higher education pathways.


Our Courses are fully accredited and nationally recognised, with Austudy / Abstudy , Youth Allowance and CRICOS (01600A) approval. It is a full-time education in the specialisation of Classical and Contemporary Dance.

To achieve their qualification students must successfully complete all Units and have a minimum attendance record of eighty percent (80%).

In the event of a failed assessment the course structure allows for a resit, however, should students fail a resit they are required to undertake that unit a second time. A per unit fee will apply.

Application for RPL can be made, however, can only be granted when all criteria is met for an entire Unit.

Course Duration: – Advanced Diploma – 2 years (80 weeks tuition, 12 weeks‟ vacation)


The 7 Core units for all streams

  • Perform dance repertoire at a professional level
  • Extend ballet technique to a professional level
  • Extend ballet performance skills to a professional level
  • Prepare for sustainable professional practice
  • Extend contemporary dance performance skills to a professional level
  • Develop techniques for maintaining resilience in a competitive environment
  • Extend contemporary dance technique to a professional level

11 Elective units are to be selected, in consultation with the Director and Head of Department, from the following

  • Create & perform complex dance pieces
  • Perform ballet solo variations
  • Refine contemporary dance technique
  • Refine dance partnering technique
  • Develop expertise in allied contemporary dance technique
  • Refine pointe work techniques
  • Performance advanced classical ballet technique
  • Perform pas de deux at a professional level
  • Perform virtuoso contemporary dance technique
  • Refine performance techniques
  • Prepare for performances in a competitive environment
  • Maintain a high level of fitness for performance
  • Extend pointe work techniques to a professional level
  • Extend allied contemporary dance techniques at a professional level
  • Analyse cultural history and theory


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