10508 NAT Adv. Diploma of Art (Musical Theatre & Commercial Dance)

This Course is open to students seeking full time training to an advanced level of professional practice, skills and excellence. The Advanced Diploma focuses on complex technique and development of solo work across the dance, singing and acting genres.

Classes have a high degree of practical training, rehearsal and performance across the disciplines of Jazz, Tap, Acting, Singing, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Acto, and Industry Development subjects.

Credit for the completion of the Advanced Diploma may be banked for the student with the Queensland Studies Authority, may contribute to the issuance of a Queensland Certificate of Education, and may be credited toward an OP equivalent score: awarded by the Queensland Tertiary Application Centre, for students seeking higher education pathways.

Jacqui Cuny, BMus (Vocal Perf, Teaching), BA (Music, Drama ), fell in love with the theatre at the age of five and has been performing, directing, musically directing and teaching aspects of theatre for the last 35 years. A graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium in vocal performance and teaching and the University of Queensland in music and drama, she began

Valerie Bayley is Dual Examiner of the Royal Academy of Dance and holds their Advanced Teaching Diploma qualification. She has 40 years of teaching experience during which she has examined, taught and coached students and teachers nationally and internationally. She has developed a vibrant and comprehensive syllabus for the younger child as an introduction to the wonderful world of dance.